From supporting your daily life to solving humanity's greatest challenges. Nikon develops products and solutions that contribute to society. More details

Products & Solutions

Corporate Video[movie]

Learn about various corporate activities.
Making every day more affluent, Nikon contributes to society in a wide variety of fields through our broad range of technologies, products and services.

Revealing the mysteries of the brain

Nikon's N-SIM Super Resolution Microscope series enables live cell observations with twice the resolution of conventional optical microscopes, which supports biological science and medical research.

Microscopes: 100 years of innovations

Take a minute to enjoy an episode in Nikon's history. The latest story is about Nikon's microscopes that have contributed to the progress of science through a variety of technological innovations.

Investor Relations

The Year ended March 2019 financial results have been announced.

Design Works

Read the stories behind the designs, including Z 7/Z 6.

Nikon group by the Numbers

Introducing various facts and features of the Nikon Group through figures, to facilitate deeper understanding of its scope.

Sustainability Highlight

Introducing Nikon's approach to building a sustainable society. A new article, "Reusing semiconductor lithography equipment to reduce waste" has been added.

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