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Tutorial: JSON binding with JSON-B

Jeff Friesen , 03/14/19

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cloud comput connect multiple

Jenkins tries to reinvent itself for Kubernetes

The Jenkins X project tries to modernize the CI/CD platform that has fallen on hard times

Paul Krill

java -- beans, grounds, coffee -- binary background

Java, meet Kubernetes and serverless computing

Red Hat’s beta Quarkus framework aims to optimize Java development for distributed application architectures

Paul Krill

Javaworld > JVM / JDK / JRE explainer series

JVM, JDK, JRE: What's the difference?

Three indispensable Java platform components, and how they work together in your Java applications

JavaWorld staff and Matthew Tyson

JavaWorld > Android Studio for Beginners [movile java package]

Android Studio for beginners

A complete beginner's guide to Android Studio, from installing Android Studio to coding and debugging your first Android app. Includes source code for the example app

Jeff Friesen

transformation / conversion / data cubes shift from one color to another

XML and JSON in Java, Part 1: SAXON and Jackson

Learn how to transform and convert XML and JSON documents with SAXON and Jackson

Jeff Friesen

Neon Open sign

Open source licenses may not matter so much any more

The Open Source Initiative won't endorse SSPL, but MongoDB is going forward anyway

Matt Asay

abstract binary code

CI/CD your way: Tools for continuous integration and delivery

From Jenkins and GitLab to Azure DevOps Server, these tools bring a CI/CD pipeline to your own server, Kubernetes cluster, or hybrid cloud

Peter Wayner

gears iot

Automated machine learning with Google Cloud's AutoML

Google’s AutoML lets you create customized deep learning models without any knowledge of data science or programming

Martin Heller

An engineer with a city skyline superimposed on his hardhat, surrounded by circuits and binary code.

Cloud IDE review: AWS Cloud9 vs. Eclipse Che vs. Eclipse Theia

You don’t have to develop locally to get full IDE support. We compare three great tools that let you edit and debug code from a browser

Martin Heller

The start and finish line of the Inishowen 100 scenic drive [Ireland]

Java Challengers #6: Thread behavior in the JVM

The JVM does what it wants to do, so how can you predict the order of thread execution?

Rafael Chinelato Del Nero

jsp java web technology puzzle pieces connects

What is JSP? Introduction to JavaServer Pages

Get an overview of JavaServer Pages, then write your first JSP page that connects with a Java servlet and deploys on Tomcat

Matthew Tyson

snake skin fractal

Machine learning with Python: An introduction

Find out how Python compares to Java for data analysis, then use Flask to build a Python-based web service for machine learning

Gregor Roth

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