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Green Excellence Award

LEAX Rezekne has received one of Latvia's finest environmental awards: “Green Excellence Award”. It is given to companies that meet the highest environmental standards and perform successful environmental initiatives on their own.

About LEAX Group:

LEAX Group is the parent company of a group (“LEAX Group”) with about 1,300 employees. LEAX Group has operations in Köping, Falun, Falköping and Tidaholm in Sweden, Riga and Rezekne in Latvia, Curitiba in Brazil, Detmold in Germany, Mezökövesd in Hungary and Wuxi in China. LEAX Group is a manufacturer of mechanical components and subsystems for the heavy vehicle industry, passenger cars, mining and construction industries and other engineering industries. LEAX Group also delivers customized gearboxes for various mechanical engineering industries. LEAX Group’s sales for 2018 amounted to approx. 1.8 billion SEK.

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