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LEAX Quality

LEAX Quality provides a wide range of services within the following areas.

Business consultancy

  • Implementation of Management, Quality and Environmental Systems
  • Project Management
  • Quality Manager for hire
  • Trading in ISO 9000, ISO 14000 etc
  • 3rd party certification together with DNV

Measuring and Calibration

  • Calibration of mechanical instruments
  • Product measuring

The competence of LEAX Quality also strengthens the companies of the group.

LEAX Industrial system

System solution that matters

The LEAX group has expanded rapidly with good profitability within the industrial sector since the start in 1982. With our combined expertise we can offer you a wide range of services within the LEAX Industrial System. Some examples such off can be seen below.

We offer:

  • Support and Partnership in strategic decisions within production
  • Methods and Tools
  • Consultants with long experience from leading senior positions within Swedish industry
  • A practical approach that provides lasting results
  • Performance management from business idea and vision to a
  • Objective achievement through continuous improvements and daily pulse

LEAX Industrial System contains a number of ”Global Competence Center” (GCC). GCC has been developed to secure a high competence level within important strategic areas.
The current GCC consists of:

  • Heat treatment
  • Gear (cog) and grinding technology
  • Flexible production
  • Painting
  • Globalization

Heat treatment

LEAX Group has got years of experience of heat treatment and runs processes in four of our six plants. We have experts who always can support our customers.

LEAX HEAT offers:

  • Atmosphere furnanche
  • Induction hardening


  • Quality Assurance
  • Design of facilities (layouts, processes, purchase, security, education)
  • Practical problem solving within the process, cracks, destortions etc

Material laboratory

  • Testing of hardness, measuring of layers, microstructure
  • Failure investigations, crack analysis
  • Chemical analysis of steel
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT “magnaflux”)

Flexible production

With skilled engineers LEAX has developed a flexible production process that meets today´s volatile market. We work with continuous improvements to improve our processes for quality and process efficiency.
We reach cost effectiveness through “the LEAX Concept”. Here we combine modern and old technology together with innovative production solutions.
LEAX offers support within:

  • Lean Production
  • Flexible production set-up
  • Quality Assurance
  • Investment calculation
  • Risk investigations for machines and cells (CE)

Quality & Environment

Consulting in quality and environment are areas that LEAX has offered its customer
since 1992. We have skilled and trained employees who can help with

Courses in:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Shape and position tolerances
  • Interpretation of drawings
  • Quality and Environment
  • Programing of measuring machines (Zeiss)


  • ISO/TS Audits & Environmental permit etc
  • Measurment laboratory
  • Measurement and evaluation of results from initial samples, prototypes or fixtures
  • Calibration and measurement
  • Accredited by SWEDAC for gauge blocks up to 500 mm
  • We take full responsibility for your measurement equipment

LEAX Quality
Nya Hamnvägen 4,
731 36 Köping, Sweden

Phone: +46 221-346 00
Fax: +46 221-186 50
E-mail: [email protected]


LEAX Quality

Jan Berggren

Phone: +46 221-346 05
Mobile: +46 706-55 99 73
Anders G. Larsson
COO Heat Treatment

Phone: +46 221-346 74
Mobile: +46 702-49 55 32
Kai Hyvärinen
Heat Treatment

Phone: +46 221 346 32
Mobile: +46 700 13 69 06
Douglas Larsson
Technology & Support, Heat Treatment

Phone: +46 221-346 81
Mobile: +46 70 350 42 89
Gustav Makander

Phone: +46 221 346 31
Mobile: +46 700 534 478
Roger Karlsson

Phone: +46 221-346 30
Mobile: +46 702-23 45 02
Torbjörn Karlsson
Metrology Laboratory & Calibration

Phone: +46 221-346 01
Mobile: +46 725 85 34 33
Anders Baurén
Senior Production Engineer Manager

Phone: +46 221-346 47
Mobile: +46 702-35 40 55
Elias Häggström
Senior Project Manager

Phone: +46 237 756 52
Mobile: +46 707 481 245
Åsa Elmesiöö
Quality Coordinator & Project Leader

Phone: +46 221 346 70
Mobile: +46 703 329 399

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