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Institut für Kernphysik

Neueste Publikationen

  • Escape-suppression shield detector for the MINIBALL γ-ray spectrometer. Rosiak, D.; Seidlitz, M.; Reiter, P.; Eberth, J.; Hess, H.; Hirsch, R.; Steinbach, T.; Warr, N.; Le Galliard, C.; Matea, I.; Nguyen Trung, T.; Gottardo, A. in The European Physical Journal A (2019). 55(4) 48.
  • Optimization and characterization of the PGAI-NT instrument's Neutron Tomography set-up at MLZ. Kluge, E. J.; Stieghorst, C.; Revay, Zs.; Kudejova, P.; Jolie, J. in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment (2019). 932 1--15.
  • Archaeometry at the PGAA facility of MLZ - Prompt gamma-ray neutron activation analysis and neutron tomography. Kluge, E. J.; Stieghorst, C.; Wagner, F.E.; Gebhard, R.; Revay, Zs.; Jolie, J. in Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (2018). 20 303--306.

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