An image showing the Petro-Canada Refinery

Curbing industry’s carbon emissions


Replacing fossil-fuelled furnaces with renewable electrical heating and cutting carbon from some heavy industries could make a serious dent in climate targets

An image showing the UC Davis entrance

University of California cut off from Elsevier journals after contract cancellation

18 July 2019

System of 10 universities has been preparing for loss of journals for months with legal avenues arranged to access new papers

An image showing the CNRS building

New law spurs discussions on future direction of French research funding

17 July 2019

Unknowns surrounding research law being drafted by government has made unions and science organisations anxious

An image showing bullet points with the words Excellent, Good, Average, Poor and Bad written down; Excellent is ticked

Science scorecards reveal state of research in G20 nations

16 July 2019

Performance measured using data on funding, gender balance and open access

An image showing a Serbian flag in front of the Serbian Parliament building

Serbia passes controversial science reforms to modernise research

12 July 2019

Doubts remain over the government’s decision to overhaul the current grants system

An image showing a glyphosate protest

Austria becomes first EU country to fully outlaw glyphosate

12 July 2019

A ban of the controversial herbicide from 2020 has been approved by the Austrian government

A conceptual image for open access showing a crowd of people approaching a large door shaped like a lock

Open data linked to higher citations for journal articles

11 July 2019

Studies that provide access to underlying data are cited 25% more often than those that don’t

Illustration showing a female figure pushing against a large fist pushing in opposite direction

Survey sheds light on bullying and discrimination at Max Planck Society

9 July 2019

Thousands of researchers asked about working culture following public reports of bullying

An image showing an artificial Intelligence neural network

Algorithm finds the 569 molecules that might drive a waste-free economy

18 July 2019

Strategic compounds within a huge chemical network pinpointed by machine learning

An image showing a distillery factory

Catalyst metal recovery adds greener notes to whisky production

17 July 2019

Bacteria harnessed to make magnetite nanoparticles that can trap copper for click reactions

An image showing (P)-M[28]3·ZnLn

Molecular amplifier makes purest chiral Möbius aromatic

16 July 2019

Stack of chiral components creates most enantiopure twisted aromatic ring ever made

An image showing the true-colour image of Mars seen by OSIRIS

Silica aerogel could heat the surface of Mars enough to sustain life

15 July 2019

Insulating material could replicate the effects of Earth’s atmosphere on the red planet, warming it by 50°C

A picture of Streptococcus gordonii

Bacterial lasso gets to the heart of stem cell retention problem

15 July 2019

A sticky bacterial protein on the surface of stem cells increases homing and retention on damaged heart tissue

An image showing the COP-150 synthesis at small scale

Porous polymer offers methane storage solution

12 July 2019

Cheap-to-make material exceeds US targets for natural gas storage thanks to flexible structure

An image showing CAACcholestanyl iminium

New chiral carbene expands ligand reservoir for asymmetric catalysis

12 July 2019

Introducing rigidity boosts enantioselectivity

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An image showing the first step on the Moon

What is the moon made of?


Mike Sutton looks at what we’ve learned about the moon’s chemistry in the 50 years since Apollo 11

An illustrated portrait of June Sutor

The forgotten female crystallographer who discovered C–H⋯O bonds


Andy Extance tells the overlooked story of crystallographer June Sutor, whose C–H⋯O bonding hypothesis was unjustly suppressed

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