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  • DGA Quarterly Magazine Jon Favreau James Cameron
  • Network Co-Chairs 2019
  • 2019 Television Mentorship Program Launch & Craft Workshop
  • DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 Indie Voice Director Nisha Ganatra
  • Director Development Initiative interactive lab, The Sell: Personal Branding, Social Media and Strategic Networking
  • DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 The Russo Brothers Director Anthony Russo Director Joe Russo
  • DGA Quarterly Spring 2019 At Work With Susan Faith Locke-Shapiro
James Cameron and Jon Favreau, who have made it their business to push the cinematic medium beyond what was previously possible, exchange views on cutting-edge technology, their roles as directors and achieving the balance between emotion and spectacle.
DGA President Thomas Schlamme announced that Directors Brett Holey and Lily Olszewski and Associate Director/DGA Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Scott Berger have been appointed Co-Chairs of the Guild's Network Negotiating Committee.
See coverage and photos from the launch of the 2019 DGA Director Development Initiative Television Mentorship Program and the first day of the three-day Craft Workshop
For Late Night director Nisha Ganatra, willingness and tenacity have earned her a place in the spotlight.

See video and photos from this DGA Director Development Initiative lab where members learned more about how to become their own best advocates by strengthening their personal brands and by raising their profiles online and in social media.
Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo went from no-budget indie underdogs from Cleveland to Marvel tentpole overlords, without sacrificing their character-driven sensibility and storytelling vision.
Associate Director Susan Faith Locke-Shapiro's work doesn't end once cameras stop rolling on The Daily Show.
What's New
Employer Information
   Reality Agreements New Media Agreements
Theater Rental

Information about the DGA's state-of-the-art theater complexes in Los Angeles and New York.

DGA Quarterly
DGA Quarterly Magazine Spring 2019 Jon Favreau James Cameron
DGA Quarterly examines the craft of directing via in-depth articles about the issues and interests of DGA members such as: profiles of members and their projects, discussions of new technologies, explorations of Guild history and the achievements of its members, and expanded coverage of trends that affect directors and their teams.

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