University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Explore New Programs

Doctoral programs in Urban Education were added this fall and will begin admitting students for both EdD and PhD programs of study beginning in fall 2019. Application fees for these programs are being waived until Jan. 18, 2019.

Events Calendar

To keep up with all the happenings occurring at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, check out our events calendar.

Grants Update

The grants office provides a monthly update of new grants, typically towards the middle of each month. Learn more about current School of Education research from the December Grants Update.

Grants Office Update: December 2018

Congratulations to the all the School of Education faculty members who have recently been awarded grants. With $2.96 million in new projects, 27 principal investigators have now been awarded 41 new g... Read More...

New Year, New Programs for Health and Physical Activity

Move Often. Eat Healthy. Live Better. Imagine the unique education opportunity of learning in a classroom and then applying that knowledge to someone in a real-life situation. The Department of Healt... Read More...

Grants Office Update: October 2018

The grants office will provide a monthly update of new grants, typically towards the middle of each month. The following grants have been recently awarded and total more than $134,970, bringing the S... Read More...

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