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A couple sits in a park and watches others walk, run, and ride bikes.A nurse vaccinates a young girl with a shot in the arm.A group of kinderg盲rtners eat a healthy lunch.
A nurse vaccinates a young girl with a shot in the arm.

CPSTF Recommendation Used for Transportation Planning

A new Community Guide in Action Story highlights organizations that used the CPSTF recommendation for combined built environment approaches to develop plans for their communities. Read more >>

A nurse vaccinates a young girl with a shot in the arm.

Increase Vaccination Rates in Your Community

The CPSTF recommends a number of intervention approaches to increase vaccination rates. Learn more about each one and read how a county in Florida used CPSTF recommendations to increase childhood vaccination rates.

A group of kinderg盲rtners eat a healthy lunch.

CPSTF Recommends School-Based Obesity Intervention

The CPSTF recommends interventions in schools that combine meal or fruit and vegetable snack interventions with physical activity interventions to improve student health. Read more >>

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