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 SPARK folio, instruction manual, and CD are resources available with each curriculum.

Curriculum Resources

Learn about the SPARK curriculum and what makes it so effective!

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SPARK trainer who can help with professional development smiles with football in hand.

Professional Development

Learn about SPARK professional development and teacher trainings!

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Content-matched equipment packages are designed to support your SPARK program with a variety of balls, discs, bouncers, hoops, and more!

Equipment Packs

Learn about content-matched equipment packages designed specifically to support your SPARK program!

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The Many Benefits of

Proven Results

  • World's most researched physical education program
  • More than 45 peer-reviewed papers prove SPARK works and lasts
  • Used in more than 100,000 schools worldwide since 1989
  • Aligned with SHAPE America national standards

Easy Implementation

  • Choose all digital or digital & print resources
  • Instructional videos for both teachers and students
  • Technology-rich assessment tools and rubrics
  • Music for dance units, warm-up/cool-down, circuits, and more

Supporting Resources

  • SPARKfamily digital library provides MORE resources
  • SPARK Speakers Bureau provides on-site workshops and conferences
  • SPARKecademy offers online training and courses
  • Content-matched equipment is available only from Gopher

The Many Solutions of

SPARK is Physical Education... and so much more! With 7 different full curriculum
modules to choose from, SPARK programs help support many ages and program types.

Hands hold up frame that says 'Share Your Story'.

Calling all past, present, and future SPARK enthusiasts!

We’re committed to providing you with the best SPARK experience possible but need your help! If you have ever purchased a SPARK program; attended a workshop, institute, or conference presentation; bought SPARK content-matched equipment; or are interested in learning more about SPARK, we want to hear from you.

Click HERE to tell us a little about yourself and receive free SPARK updates,
information, and new resources as they become available!

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